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meishengchao Posted: Friday, March 15, 2019 1:14:38 AM(UTC)

1, ISG pipeline pump compact structure, small size, beautiful appearance. Its vertical structure has a low center of gravity and the center of gravity is close to the center of the pump foot, which enhances the running stability and service life of the pump.
2. Easy installation. Same inlet and outlet diameters and same center line, can be installed directly in any part of the pipeline like a valve. The motor with rainproof cover can be used outdoors. ISG pipeline pump is provided with mounting feet for stable installation of the pump:
3, smooth operation, low noise, high component concentricity. The motor adopts low noise bearing, and is equipped with non-stop refueling device, the pump impeller has excellent dynamic and static balance, running without vibration, improving the operating environment.
4. No leakage. The shaft seal adopts the anticorrosive and wear-resisting cemented carbide mechanical seal, which solves the serious leakage problem of the centrifugal pump packing, prolongs the service life, and ensures that the operating site is clean and tidy:
5. Easy maintenance. Do not need to remove the pipe, just remove the pump cover nut, take out the motor and transmission components can be maintained.
6, according to the field conditions, the pump can be vertical, horizontal, multi-mode installation, according to the flow head requirements, the use of parallel, series method, increase the required flow head.
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